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Write for TMP: Currently accepting guest bloggers

We welcome experts and influencers in travel money and international payments to contribute high quality content to the Travel Money Professionals website.

The TMP website aims to build on the industry-leading reputation of the annual TMP conference, bringing discussion and debate to the travel money and international payments industries year-round.

By writing for Travel Money Professionals, you’ll build your reputation and reach, demonstrate thought leadership and share knowledge and best practice within the industry. 

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

How to submit a post

Please email your draft (around 300 words is ideal) in Word or Google Docs format to along with:

– Your bio – this should be approx. 60 words and include your job title, email address and any social media links
– Your headshot – this should be in high-res JPEG format
– Two or three keywords for the blog

Please note – we edit all posts for copy errors and to ensure they fit with the Travel Money Professionals brand guidelines.

If you would like to discuss your article or topic idea please email your questions or suggestions to  


All our blog posts are moderated to ensure they are appropriate for the Travel Money Professionals website. 

We publish new blog posts regularly and will email you when your article has been published.


Blog authors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their own work, and for the validity/ accuracy of web links etc. All views expressed in blog posts are attributable to the individual author only.