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Significant performance improvements resulting from migration to AWS

With the move to Amazon Web Services fully underway, our anticipated performance improvements are now being realised.

The Ultrapos system is on the whole significantly more responsive. Clients have been experiencing transaction speeds 10 times faster than their previous rate. Transaction reports are being generated in a matter of seconds – 16 times faster than before the migration.

This is a marked achievement, it not only improves the service offering for our clients, but also delivers a quicker, more efficient retail experience for their travel money customers. Scalability is another key benefit for our clients – enabling the Ultrapos platform to expand easily and seamlessly as their travel money business grows.

We are delighted that we are seeing huge improvements to the performance of Ultrapos. Testing has shown significant leaps in both speed and efficiency. The move to the cloud has been carefully thought out and represents an important strategic move for the business. The ease of deployment and assurance that we are helping our clients achieve compliance requirements means we are offering the very best service and with access to the latest technology, this makes it the most modern platform available to support their FX retail activities”. Ray Stanton, Managing Director, Essiell.

The migration is still in progress and we will be closely monitoring performance improvements as we continue to move our remaining clients to the cloud in the coming weeks.